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Sacramento Division
Training Ship California
Patriotism discipline for kids 
U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps



Discipline, respect, attitude!


As a prospective cadet or new parent - we know that you have many questions and concerns about the program.

Fear not - Each an every adult leader in the Sacramento Division has one goal.  The success of your child and the desire to build strong young adults!


Joining the Sea Cadets - in NO WAY - obligates your child to join the military.


Send us a quick note in via the "Contact us" tab (below) and we will send you more information (with absolutely NO obligation)



Just show up at our next drill at: 

6037 Price Ave - North Highlands, CA.

We meet outside the main gate of Coast Guard Air Station, Sacramento.

Drills run from 8am until 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.



Please check out the  Plan of the Month  for scheduled activities.

Click the "contact us" tab for more information.





















































The Sea Cadets want you!!!

If you are a U.S. Citizen (boy or girl) between the ages of 10 and 17 and are looking for an adventure, the Sacramento Sea Cadets / Navy League Cadets is the place for you!!

(Note: Sea Cadets ages 14-17 and League Cadets ages 10-13) You will get "once in the lifetime opportunities" to wear the Sea Cadet uniform, go places and do things that normally are only available to adults in the Navy and all the while, making friends and learning things they don't teach in school. For those of you truly interested in joining the Navy later, you will get a "leg up" on your peers with advanced rate increases and coursework. If you are not interested in joining the military, (or maybe just curious) but still interested in Naval traditions, ships and all the excitement that comes your way,  involvement in the Cadets - looks great on a college application. 

Welcome aboard!


There is NO commitment to military service.


We "drill" twice a month (normally on the third full weekend of each month) learning and playing - always under adult supervision and guided by our core values - "Honor, Courage and Commitment". Sure, there are study requirements in order to advance, but the knowledge gained will serve you well in life and can be applied to any path you may choose. During the school year we take weekend excursions, we march in parades and take field trips to exciting regional destinations.


Then there are the summer training camps....

Imagine yourself in a real boot camp for two weeks at one of many regional Recruit Trainings available across the country.  After you complete boot camp - the fun really gets started!  There are literally dozens of opportunities every summer (and over winter break) guaranteed to fit your interests. Trainings like Advanced Airman, Scuba, Field Training, Master At Arms (police), Sailing, Hospital Corpsman or Medical Training, Explosive Ordinance Disposal or even SEAL Training. So what are you waiting for?

All you need to join: ask your parents, discuss and get permission. Once you have discussed the commitments - contact, us at curtisgant@sbcglobal.net and we will schedule an enrollment interview.


Parents Handbook

Watch Sea Cadet Video "Adventure of a Lifetime"

Test Your Limits Information Pamphlet (2.6MB PDF)


Physical Examination:   A medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC). No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability. Where a medical condition precludes full, unlimited participation, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM 015) may be presented by the parent or guardian for review so the cadet may participate in NSCC activities to the maximum extent possible.

Adult applicants must be in good health commensurate with their age group and be free from any ailment or condition that would prevent them from satisfactorily performing their primary duty of supervising youth. NOTE: Adults not physically qualified to perform all duties may still participate with a waiver from NHQ considering the parameters of their expected contribution to the NSCC program.


NSCADM001 will be used to record the results of the examination. The medical and physical fitness requirements.


Education Applicants must be enrolled in school, either public or private, or a sanctioned home school program and have a satisfactory scholastic standing. Please include a copy of most recent report card.


Moral Character:  Applicants must possess good moral character, be unmarried, not pregnant, drug free and be free of felony convictions.




Parental support is needed in meeting the drill attendance requirements, transportation and personal appearance and particularly haircuts/hair styling.



Once a cadet has enrolled, a minimum 1-year enrollment is requested. In addition, cadets are required to attend a two-week boot camp during the summer (one week for League Cadets). A cadet is asked to mark his calendar for the entire year so that personal activities can be scheduled around drills.  Cadets must call the Leading Petty Officer 48 hours in advance of drill if they will be absent. Keep in mind that there are an average of 20-24 drills per year.

Cadets must attend 75% of all scheduled drills.



Cadets Application and Agreement/Standard Release (NSCADM 001): The applicant cannot enroll if this form is not signed by a parent/guardian.


This form includes a medical History, Medical Exam




Fees:   The initial enrollment fee is $120.00 and $100.00 per year thereafter.  Enrollment fees include administrative, insurance and uniform fees.  The NSCC accident insurance program form is attached to the application packet.  NO ID card will be ordered until the correct fees are received by NHQ.


In addition to the annual enrollment fee, additional costs for meals, transportation to and from training, some uniform costs, and other related expenses may be applicable to the program or the unit.  Shoes are required to be purchased by the cadet.


Refund/Transfer: Enrollment fees paid by individuals who subsequently drop from the NSCC program are non-refundable or transferable to another applicant.


Replacement: A $5.00 fee will be charged for each lost, stolen or mangled ID card that needs to be replaced by NHQ.



Overdraft Checks:  A $25 fee will be charged for a returned check.




Issue:  Upon receipt of the appropriate fees, NHQ will issue each applicant listed a NSCC/NLCC ID Card valid for 1 year.  All cadets must possess current NSCC/NLCC ID Cards at all times.  The annual enrollment fee will be collected 3 months prior to expiration of card. 


Description:  A white card printed in Blue will be issued to Sea Cadets and a white card printed in Black will be issued to League Cadets.  Cadet ID Cards will be stamped Under Age 21 to clearly indicate that NSCC/NLCC Cadets are minors


With a current ID Card and orders from the CO, cadets have access to military exchanges to purchase additional uniforms, etc.


To enroll contact us at  co@sacseacadets.com



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Driving Directions -
North on Watt Ave. (North of I-80). Continue north past McClellan AFB and turn left on Freedom park Dr. Go down Freedom park and straight across at the second stop sign. The base entry is to your right. Please use the parking area on your immediate left.

Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento
6037 Price Ave. McClellan, Ca.