Under the leadership of our Commanding Officer, LCDR Donald Herkal, Sacramento Division & TS California cadets are active members of the community. This opportunity of service to those who need it most provides a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Cadets acquire valuable personal experience in selflessness, compassion, and generosity. Working as a team, cadets put in practice life skills the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps endeavors to mentor through real experience. 

 Memorial Day

Memorial Day is about our past and the Veterans that gave all for their country.  


   Each year cadets go to a local cemetery and place white crosses and American Flags on every Veteran marker, letting visiting families know that someone still cares about their loved ones, a very tangible lesson for the cadets.

Revolution Express

Track Meet

We support our local community by providing support to the Revolution Express Track Club. Our cadets help set up, hand out awards, encourage participants, and go wherever help is needed! 

Capital Airshow 

Great American Triathlon

The Great American Triathlon takes place at the American River in Rancho Cordova. Participants run, bike, and paddle down the river to the finish line. This is where you will find the cadets. They are waist-deep in the water. They receive all the canoes and kayaks as participants sprint to the finish line. In 2014, the cadets removed 953 kayaks and canoes in just 1 hour and 45 minutes. They carried and stacked each one and placed them in rows many times over. This is an event we've returned to since its beginnings as Eppie's Great Race. Year after year, we manage the parking areas, move canoes, help take down and clean up. It is one event where we need as many hands as possible. What a great opportunity for families to come and serve with their cadets!

William Jessup University Honor Run

In January of 2016, over 150 participants gathered to support the Victor Dew Veterans Endowment Fund who endeavored to help Jessup Veterans and Gold Star Family students graduate from the University debt-free.

Sacramento Division senior cadets and their junior TS California League Cadets helped set up the event and provided a Color Guard to open ceremonies. Simple tasks such as support to runners in providing water was much appreciated.

Sacramento Division & TS California have been invited to provide security at the front gates of the Capital Airshow year after year. Our strong numbers have been a great asset to the Airshow and the community. Cadets are attentive and present a strong effort to make this a safer venue for families and friends to visit. They are especially keen to note the veterans who pass through the gates and are sure to shake not a few hands and take photos with their local heroes. When cadets see visitors at the gates they are sure to greet all with respect and courtesy.