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Donations Make a Real Difference

      Since its beginning, the US Naval Sea Cadet Program has been instrumental in the changing of young lives who realize their dreams of serving this great country and its people. For some, the support of funds will allow them to experience trainings that extend from 7 - 14 days away from home across our great nation and around the globe. The comradery and friendships will last a lifetime. With advancement training such as photojournalism, aviation, scuba diving, firefighting, law enforcement, or basic/advanced medical, prove their worth as cadets find their paths. Others find their calling in STEM and Cyber Patriot, often traveling for competition nationwide.


      The Sacramento Division is the largest unit among 400 nationwide. We are one of the very best! Our Cyber Patriot Team remains in the top 5 teams since its debut in 2018. In 2023-24, we will enter the National Competition of an estimated 6000 teams, tied for first place with our two senior teams competing head to head for the prize. 


The one main takeaway from the USNSCC is the evidence of real-life skills, the shaping of strong moral character, turning followers into leaders, and leaders into mentors. And those who do not choose to serve in the armed forces, discover the resumes they've built in the Naval Sea Cadet program find good reception in the private sector, often receiving higher pay and a better promise of future benefits. Leadership development shapes our future leaders!

      If you would like to contribute to the future of our incredible Sacramento Division unit cadets, please reach out to us. We use donated funds for necessary uniforms, utility items, training gear, and much more. Nothing is wasted. Arrange a visit to see firsthand how your generous gift will help promote our great success.


To donate to the unit using Zelle, payment can be made to:

Sacramento Division Training

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TSCAL #1 unit of 400+ units across the USA
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