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C H A R T   Y O U R    C O U R S E !

FREE Weekend Pass

Are you ready for the challenge?
(Prospective Cadets must be 10-18 years old)


Join us during a regularly scheduled weekend drill to see firsthand why we are one of the best!

Simply complete the required form below.

An authentic phone number* & email are required and utilized:

  • as an emergency contact number & Personal Email

  • to inform parents if we will dismiss early

  • ask questions

    *We will never share your personal information with any outside source.

Without an authentic phone number, we can not accept your reservation.

What should the prospective cadet wear?

SHOW UP on time, wearing sweats (cold weather) over a t-shirt, gym shorts,

white crew socks, and running-style shoes.

Bring a sack lunch and hydration [water] each day.  

Ask a Question.



"What if I am absolutely sure I want to join the program?"

Simply attend one Free Weekend Pass, complete the application, and submit ALL pages to the administrative office on arrival Sunday morning before Orientation. 

"Can I skip the Free Weekend Pass and just submit my application?"

A completed application, interview, and physical assessment are required for consideration for acceptance to the Sacramento & Training Ship California unit of the USNSCC/NLCC program.



     9 MARCH      

Email to follow 1 week before drill weekend



0730-330 PM - Saturday

Arrive 15 minutes early!


If you have registered your prospective cadet, watch your email for further info approximately

1 week before Drill Weekend.



I understand that by completing this form, I am giving my permission for my minor child to participate fully in the USNSCC - Sacramento Division Unit activities as a guest. My child is in good health and understands that he/she must abide by the rules and regulations of the USNSCC and the Code of Conduct.

I also understand that my information is correct and will only be used to contact me. It will not be shared or sold to any outside source.

Thank you for your request. We'll let see you soon!

map hurley.png
Free Trial Wekend


      Please pay close attention to the map on the right. There is a specific flow of traffic into the training facility and designated parking spaces for guests or parents: 

  1. You may park in any of the parking stalls on the right [green arrows].

  2. The left side of the [red arrows] parking lot is a designated training area for cadets and for officers of the unit.

      After arrival and check-in, you are invited to participate in our presentation of the colors outside the front gates of the facility/building.

We will raise the National Ensign [American Flag], recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and the unit will retreat to the interior of the facility to commence training/drill for the day. Please follow the path of the arrows to depart cautiously, always being aware of the cadets and other vehicles. 


Parents, siblings, and guests are not permitted to wander through the facility, use the restrooms, or remain on the grounds without an officer escort. The security of our cadets is of the highest importance. 

Do you have Questions?

ANY and ALL questions should be asked before arrival on the drill weekend designated for prospective cadets wishing to use the Free Weekend Pass.

Our Plan of the Day (POD) begins with the arrival of our officers & cadets. Our schedule does not allow for time to meet with
parents/guardians during drill.

Applications will be accepted after the presentation of the colors at the Admin Office. Please check in at the Quarterdeck. Must have valid identification.

Hurley Location Mapping.jpg
Sacramento flash 01.png
Eppies 2.jpg
TS California flash 01.png

 Sacramento Division
LFCD Drill Site

(Lao Family Community Development) 
3205 Hurley Way, Sacramento

  1. Click to view the map!

  2. Complete the Contact Form above to receive your Free Weekend Pass

    • Be sure to check the Drill location in the description at the top of this page!

  Check Point:

Screenshot 2024-02-06 192540_edited.jpg

A leadership mentoring program for age 10 years to completion of high school!

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